FAQ: Are There Bannatyne Gyms In B.C Canada?

Where are Bannatyne premium locations?


  • Hastings – East Sussex (South East)
  • Colchester – Essex (South East)
  • Fairfield – Hertfordshire (South East)
  • Bury St. Edmunds – Suffolk (South East)
  • Stratford-upon-Avon – Warwickshire (West Midlands)

How many Bannatyne gyms are there?

Portfolio. As of May 2016, Bannatyne’s has 66 gyms, 37 spas and five hotels across the UK and plans to add a further 16 spas to existing health clubs this year.

Can you go to any Bannatynes?

Bannatyne Fitness permits its members to use other clubs as well as the club where the membership is based, providing; The club that you wish to use is in the same tier as your base club, or a lower tier.

How much is a Bannatyne day pass?

A gym day pass for Bannatyne Health Club Millbank is £13.50 when you purchase from Hussle. If you’re looking to go to the gym more often, a Hussle Monthly+ Pass costs £89.1 per month, which gives you access to Bannatyne Health Club Millbank as well as to other gyms which have a Monthly+ Pass.

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Does Bannatyne do NHS discount?

We are delighted to announce that our 10% discount for NHS staff has now been extended to staff serving in the Armed Forces and Emergency Services. To receive this discount, on any product or service, please provide ID card/ proof of employment. 10% offered against any product or service at Bannatyne Hotel, Hastings.

Can you join Bannatynes for 3 months?

5. Joining fee and Membership Subscriptions. (a) From the date of being accepted as a Member, membership shall continue for a minimum period of 3 months unless terminated in accordance with this agreement and shall continue thereafter until terminated in accordance with this agreement.

How much is Duncan Bannatyne worth?

His wealth as of 2018, was estimated at £280 million by the Sunday Times Rich List.

How much is David Lloyd membership?

David Lloyd membership Emersons Green prices are reasonably priced at £ 129 per month for full club membership, and Its basic package is £ 66, while for children ages 3 to 18, it is £ 32 per month.

How old do you have to be to join Bannatynes gym?

Age – all fitness room users must be 16 years of age or over. Personal Training – this may only be performed by employees or contractors of Bannatyne.

Does Bannatyne do joint membership?

Whilst memberships are personal, and may not be shared, as a goodwill gesture we do allow memberships to be transferred to another person. The recipient must be over the age of 18, not a current member, and nor a previous member with any outstanding liability.

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What happens if I lose my Bannatyne wristband?

If you lose, damage or forget your wristband, we will be able to give you a replacement but you will need to pay a reasonable charge. 3.2. If we do not accept your application​. If we are unable to accept your application, we will inform you of this and will not charge you.

When can I book classes at Bannatynes?

You can book classes up to three days in advance using our online member portal or via the new Bannatyne App. Whether you want to refuel after a workout or enjoy a social Starbucks with a friend, you can feel at home in our Cafe Bars.

Are Bannatyne Spas open?

Our Spas are now OPEN! Reschedule Booking – <--- Click here! Alternatively, please use our Online Enquiry Form to log your request and a member of the team will be in touch.

What are strikes at Bannatynes?

This a polite reminder to all members that if you do not attend a class you book in for, you will receive a strike. Strikes will automatically be removed after 30 days. However, after 3 strikes, you will be unable to book in for classes for 30 days.

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