FAQ: Where Is The Gym In Nimbasa City?

Where can I train in Nimbasa City?

There are many places around Nimbasa City level off trainers and wild Pokemon. To the south of the city is Route 4 and the vast Desert Resort (go left at the split path when you get out of the city), to the west is Route 5, and to the east is Route 16.

Where is the new gym in Nimbasa City?

Gym Information The New Nimbasa City Gym is east of the Ferris Wheel.

How do you get to Nimbasa City Gym in Black 2?

This Gym is extremely simple. All you have to do is walk down the runway and battle three trainers before reaching the Gym Leader.

Where should I train before Nimbasa gym?

As a suggestion, we’d recommend first tackling Old Nimbasa City Gym, then taking on Route 5 and Route 16 before finally challenging the New Nimbasa City Gym. This will allow you to train up to a standard that’s able to defeat Elesa, the gym leader.

How do you beat Nimbasa city?

N has a Level 22 Darumaka (use Water Type attacks), Sandile (use Water Type or Fighting attacks), Sigilyph (Use Dark Type attacks), and a Scraggy (Use Fighting or Flying Type attacks). If your Pokemon get Confused, call them back/switch them out to instantly cure them.

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How do you beat elesa gym leader?

If you bring a Ground type, it ruins her Volt Switch strategy and Ground Moves kill Zebstrika quite easily, her signiture Pokemon. You can find Drilbur in Chargestone Cave or a Sandile on Route 4 and it can serve quite nicely. That’s essentially all you need to beat Elesa.

What gym is after fighting in Pokemon sword?

The fourth gym in Pokémon Sword is in Stow-on-Side, and is against a fighting-type expert, Bea. Note that if you have Pokémon Shield, then you battle a ghost-type gym leader, Allister, instead. The Stow-on-Side gym is when things start getting just a little bit tricky, so check out our guide below.

What gym is after Nimbasa?

After defeating Elesa in the Nimbasa City Gym, you can go to Route 5. When you step into the route, Cheren will come through the entrance that you just came through, and he will challenge you to a battle.

What level is elesa?

Overview. Elesa is the leader of the Nimbasa City Gym. Her specialty is in Electric-type Pokémon. In Pokémon Black and White, her team consists of two Emolga, both at level 25.

What level are clays Pokemon?

Clay packs a Level 29 Krokorok, Level 31 Excadrill and a Level 29 Palpitoad. Your Ducklett (or any Water Type Pokemon) will be your best ally in this battle. You will, however, need to use Grass Type attacks on Palpitoad to do massive damage.

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