Often asked: How Many Virgin Active Gyms In South Africa?

How many gyms does Virgin Active have?

We are the world’s leading health club and a global brand with 238 clubs in 8 countries.

How many gyms are there in South Africa?

The fitness industry employs about 29,000 people at more than 1,100 gyms across South Africa and is facing tremendous strain.

Who owns Virgin Active South Africa?

Virgin Active Health Club membership: * R270 – R995 per month. Virgin Active Health Club Premier Select membe​rship: *R640 – R780 per month. Virgin Active Premier membership: *R890 – R1,095 per month.

What is the biggest gym in South Africa?

At Srixzone Health and Fitness Lephalale, the biggest indoor gym in South Africa, we aim to assist each individual member to get the most of their body, mind and soul. Our mission is to help you be the best you can be. In life we tend to focus on certain individual areas at a time.

Are gyms profitable in South Africa?

Gym companies are making a killing in South Africa, where the industry generates more than R12. 5 billion in revenue every year. According to The Economist, this is the highest in the world. If correct, it means that the country’s largest gym chain, Virgin Active, makes about R7.

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How much do gym owners make in South Africa?

How much profit can a gym make? Revenue and profit varies by size. However, it’s typical for a gym to generate between R15,000 and R50,000 a month in revenue within the first 6 months. After a year, a successful gym will generate at least R120,000 per month.

Can I bring a friend to Virgin Active?

Members (over the age of 18) may bring guests to a Club provided: (a) we receive payment of the guest fee, as set out in the relevant Club price list current at the time of the guest’s visit charged by the Club; and (b) the guest completes a Health Commitment Statement as requested by us.

Is Virgin Active still offline?

Unfortunately, due to the cyber-attack, as a precautionary measure, we have put all systems offline including VirginActive.co.za. Once our systems are back up and running we will bring the website back online.

How do I cancel my Virgin Active gym membership in South Africa?

I want to cancel my Virgin Active membership. How do I do this? If you would like to cancel your Vitality gym benefit, you need to contact your club directly: Call Virgin Active on 0860 200 911 or visit their website at www.virginactive.co.za.

Is Virgin Active owned by Richard Branson?

Sir Richard Branson has reason to celebrate as his Virgin Active gym business was bought by the financial group Bait. According to The Independent, the private equity group is backed by one of South Africa’s richest men, Christo Wiese. In South Africa, Virgin Active owns 114 gyms across the entire country.

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Who is the CEO of Virgin Active South Africa?

Johannesburg – Virgin Active South Africa has announced the appointment of a new CEO and a new chairperson. Chris Rolfe has been appointed CEO with immediate effect, while Roy Andersen has been appointed non-executive chairperson, the group said in a statement on Thursday.

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