Often asked: Where To Meet Professor Sycamore After Lumiose Gym?

Where do you meet Professor Sycamore after beating the game?

To do that, you have to go to Kiloude City, win at least one battle in the Battle Maison, then go to the north part of Kiloude City and battle your neighbor. After that, meet Professor Sycamore in front of the sundial.

What cafe do you meet Professor Sycamore at?

Lysandre Cafe Afterword, you’ll meet Professor Sycamore and Lysandre here before moving on. This cafe is set between Magenta Plaza and Autumnal Avenue.

What do I do after Cafe Soleil?

After you pass through the mazes of Parterre Way, you go north and meet Sina and Dexio, who lead you to Lumiose City.

  1. Go to the Pokémon Lab.
  2. Meet with Professor Sycamore.
  3. Battle the Professor.
  4. Become More Stylish.
  5. Visit the PR Video Studio.
  6. Change your Hairstyle at Coiffure Clips.
  7. Café Shutterbug.
  8. Vernal Avenue. Stone Emporium.

What did the professor hide in Couriway town?

Hid hid it on one of the seats at the train station platform at Couriway Town, past the person who gives you the TM U-Turn. It is a letter that he wrote to his future self.

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Where is Sycamore after Elite 4?

After the battle with your rival at Kiloude City, he/she will tell you that Professor Sycamore is at Anistar City and is looking for you.

Where is Professor Sycamore’s treasure in Couriway town?

1 Answer. > At the right lower bench, and the leftmost seat. Press A. You don’t need the dowsing machine and it’s right near the Pokeball.

How do you get to Route 14?

As you leave the café, you’ll receive yet another Holo Clip call from your friend, Trevor, who tells you that everyone is going to meet on Route 14. Head back to North Boulevard (using Fly to get there works well) and then head into the gate to Route 14!

What do you do after you beat Olympia?

48 Meowstic. After defeating Olympia, she’ll give you the Psychic Badge, allowing Pokemon up to Lv. 90 to obey you.

Which team flare has the elevator key?

Team Flare Mable – P6,720 Defeat Mable to obtain the Elevator Key! Exit out of the room and return west towards the elevator at the lab’s entrance. You will need to use the arrow panel to the south before you can go west. Take the elevator near the starting area of Lysandre Labs to reach B2F.

Is there a gym in Lumiose City?

The Lumiose Gym (Japanese: ミアレジム Miare Gym), also known as the Prism Tower (Japanese: プリズムタワー Prism Tower), is the official Gym of Lumiose City. It is based on Electric-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Clemont. Trainers who manage to defeat him receive the Voltage Badge.

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Where do you meet Serena in Lumiose City?

With your new Pokemon and Mega Stone in hand, head back down to the first floor to find a man name Lysandre. Your friends will meet up with you soon enough. Your Rival (Calem/Serena) will ask you to meet him/her at the Cafe Soleil down the street.

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