Quick Answer: Where Is The Gym Leader In Hearthome City?

Where can I find the Gym Leader in Hearthome city?

The Gym Leader is Fantina. Trainers who defeat her receive the Relic Badge. In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the Hearthome Gym is the fifth Gym and Fantina cannot be challenged until after the player has received HM03 (Surf) from Cynthia’s grandmother in Celestic Town.

Where is the fifth gym leader in Pokemon Diamond?

Fantina, the Hearthome Gym Leader is the 5th Gym Leader in Pokemon Diamond so you have to battle and beat the first four Gym Leaders who are Roark of Oreburgh City, Gardenia of Eterna City, Maylene of Veilstone City and Crasher Wake of Pastoria City and you must also have the Surf HM in your possession which you can

How do I get to the Gym Leader in Canalave city?

Go south on the narrow aisle, and go back north. Continue to the only available elevator. Fight the trainer, and go down the only available elevator. The red-bordered elevator will take you to the Gym Leader.

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How do you get to the Gym Leader in Sunyshore city in Pokemon Diamond?

Here, you’ll find the Pokemon Mart and the Sunyshore Mart, where you can buy Seals for your Balls. Otherwise, go south-east into the Vista Lighthouse. Talk to the Gym Leader inside to make him go back to his Gym. Prepare for your final Gym battle and head over to the north-west section of the city to get to the Gym.

How do I get into Hearthome gym?

Trainers who defeat her receive the Relic Badge. The Hearthome Gym is the fifth Gym in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl but is encountered before the third and fourth Gyms; however, Fantina is absent from the Gym until after the player has received HM03 (Surf) from Cynthia’s grandmother in Celestic Town.

How do I get out of Hearthome city?

Beat Hearthome Gym! Go to Hearthome Gym and defeat the Gym Leader Fantina to obtain the Relic Badge and TM65 Shadow Claw. Fantina uses Duskull, Mismagius and Haunter. Watch out for moves that cause status ailments like confusion and sleep. After defeating Fantina, you can leave Hearthome City by the southeastern gate.

How do you fight the 5th gym leader diamond?


  1. At pastoria, fly to Hearthome city. Heal up you’re pokemon and bring a dark type, they’re super effective on Fantinas ghost pokemon.
  2. Go to Hearthome City and challenge the gym there.
  3. Oh and at the 5th gym leader ( Fatima ) uses ghost type Pokemons, so avoid using ground type moves or Pokemon.

What level is the Eevee Bebe gives you?

After the player obtains the National Pokédex, she will give them a level 5 Eevee in Diamond and Pearl. This Eevee came from a good friend in Johto before being passed onto the player.

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Where is the 5th gym leader in brick bronze?

Obedience. Aredia Gym, also known as the Aredia Palace, is the fifth Gym in Roria located in Aredia City.

Who is the Canalave City Gym Leader?

Byron (Japanese: トウガン Tougan) is the Gym Leader of Canalave City’s Gym, known officially as the Canalave Gym. He hands out the Mine Badge to Trainers who defeat him. He specializes in Steel-type Pokémon.

Which gym is Canalave?

The Canalave City Gym is the sixth gym in the Sinnoh region to be challenged. Like the Olivine Gym, this gym focuses on Steel-type Pokémon, but unlike the Olivine Gym, there are trainers you have to face before reaching the Gym Leader, Byron, who is pretty high up.

What do I do after the 7th gym in Diamond?

User Info: phiefer3

  1. Win the 6th badge.
  2. Go to the 3rd floor of the Canalave library (north from the Gym)
  3. Go to Lake Valor (it’ll be drained) and defeat the Galactic Commander.
  4. Go to Lake Verity (near your house) and defeat the Galactic Commander.
  5. Enter Mt.

What HMs are needed for victory road Platinum?

Generation IV’s Victory Road requires you to use up to FIVE HMs ( Surf, Strength, Defog, Rock Smash and Rock Climb ).

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