Readers ask: Does Manulife Cover Gym Memberships?

What is covered under Manulife wellness account?

Wellness services in your workplace Health screening and flu shot clinics. Seminars and workshops. Wellness challenges and fairs. Executive medical assessments.

What rewards do you get with Manulife vitality?

Manulife Vitality Group Benefits App

  • Earn 20 points – standard workout: Walk 10,000 steps or exercise for 30 minutes with a 60% maximum heart rate.
  • Earn 30 points – advanced workout: Walk 15,000 steps or exercise for 45 minutes with a 60% maximum heart rate.

What can I spend wellness money on?

What can it be spent on?

  • Sports and fitness: This can include gym memberships, sports gear, or fitness classes.
  • Health: Health insurance plans aren’t created equal, and it isn’t always possible to cover everyone’s particular health needs.

What is covered under wellness spending account?

Eligible spending expenses include things like gym memberships, classes, relationship counselling, or that new pair of running shoes. It is important to note WSA allowances are taxable for the employee, meaning WSA funds used up by an employee contribute to their yearly taxable income (T4).

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What qualifies as a wellness benefit?

A wellness program as defined on the website is: Typical benefits in a wellness program include smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management, company gym/workout rooms, recreational programs such as company-sponsored sports teams, medical screenings and immunization/flu shots.

How do I submit a prescription to Manulife?

Submitting Manulife Claims Online

  1. Log into the secure Manulife plan portal using your password, plan contract number, and member certificate number.
  2. Locate the “Claims” tab and click on it.
  3. Select “Submit a Claim – Online Claims”
  4. Follow all prompts, and submit any required documentation as requested.

Does Manulife Vitality cost money?

Manulife Vitality members are eligible for an annual health assessment through ExamOne at no cost. You even earn rewards for being proactive and checking in on your health.

How much does Manulife Vitality cost?

Manulife Vitality is a completely voluntary program that costs $5 per month.

How do you get Vitality points fast?

Earning your points by getting active and staying fit

  1. Work out at a health club or fitness partner and earn 100 Vitality points a day;
  2. Participate in an outdoor event like a round of golf or a parkrun and earn up to 300 points;

What is a wellbeing allowance?

The wellbeing allowance, called Wellbeing Choice, is a quarterly allowance paid through payroll, which employees can use to purchase items from a list of 25 wellbeing-based benefits, surrounding physical, mental and financial health.

How do you spend your fitness reimbursement?

The Fitness Reimbursement Program is simple. You just pay fitness expenses as you would normally. In most cases you simply file a claim with copies of your receipts, and you’re reimbursed for eligible fitness expenses.

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What is a fitness subsidy?

It’s simply about removing the burden of cost. Most companies that take this approach require employees to submit proof of gym membership purchase to HR. Sometimes fitness equipment may be covered as well. They then get reimbursed for all or part of their costs.

How do I use my personal spending account?

How Does a Personal Spending Account (PSA) Work? When setting up a PSA, an employer will set the dollar amount available to each employee to use for eligible expenses (as determined by the employer). For example, an employee joins their local gym and purchases an annual membership for $375.00.

How do I claim my PSA Sunlife?

All PSA claims are to be submitted online using our convenient Plan Member Services Website. When online, members will be asked to select their type of expense from a drop-down list. When members submit claims online, they must keep their original receipts for 12 months.

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